Announcement: Applications for the 2020 Dr. Sterling Clarren Research Award

CanFASD is pleased to announce that applications for the 2020 Dr. Sterling Clarren Research Award are now open! The CanFASD Sterling Clarren Research Award has been named in honour of Dr. Sterling Clarren to recognize his pioneering contribution and leadership in the field of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).  The award is presented annually to […]

World Youth Skills Day- Guest Blog: Employment Project for Individuals with FASD

The United Nations International World Youth Skills Day is celebrated annually on July 15th.  The United Nations states, “Rising youth unemployment is one of the most significant problems facing economies and societies in today’s world.” Youth, aged 15 to 24 are almost three times more likely than adults to be unemployed. They constantly face issues […]

Policy Action Paper: Toward a Standard Definition of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Canada

Language is a powerful tool which has been used to celebrate people, but also alienate populations of people. Individuals with disabilities have been faced with discrimination and stereotypes that separate them from the rest of society, including individuals with FASD. Using language that highlights the strengths and abilities of the individual, as opposed to only […]

Make Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder a Priority for the 2020 Federal Budget

On June 13th, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance posted a news release inviting Canadians to share their input regarding the next federal budget. CanFASD urges you to make a submission in support of the CanFASD Research Network and the work that we do.  FASD is a major public health issue that affects […]

Guest blog: Adults with FASD – Priorities for Research

Submitted by: Dorothy Reid, Co-chair, Family Advisory Committee and Lisa Brownstone, Director, CanFASD Research Network Dorothy Reid is the Co-Chair of the CanFASD Family Advisory Committee. She is also the owner of Reid Wellness Consulting, providing consultation and training to individuals and organizations on maintaining wellness. Dorothy previously worked with the Correctional System primarily in […]

Sensory-Friendly Canada Day: For children with FASD and other Sensory Sensitivities

Canada Day is a day to celebrate, eat, spend time with friends and family and have fun. But, for children with sensory issues, this day could be quite overwhelming and stressful. A crowded place with lot of unknown people, loud noises, flashing, bright lights, distracting colors and unusual food are among the list of things […]

Mental Health and FASD- Still Fighting for a Future: Exploring 15 Years of Progress on FASD in Canada

Fighting for a Future-2004 and Are we still fighting for a future-2019 The first ‘Fighting for a Future’ Symposium held in 2004 identified six areas that needed action for change and needed further research and support for individuals with FASD. They were: 1) Homelessness, 2) Finances,  3) Physical and Mental Health, 4) Education, Programming and […]

Article Summary: The Implementation of the 2012 Mental Health Strategy for Canada Through the Lens of FASD

Background Approximately 94% of people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) experience mental health problems. Unfortunately, mental health disorders among individuals with FASD often go unnoticed, as healthcare professionals are not typically formally trained to identify FASD. In order to address this gap in mental healthcare, this study looks at the novel Canadian National Mental […]

Justin’s Success Story

Justin Veale is a 15 year-old, 10th grader living in Milton, ON, who is doing incredible things within his community. He also happens to have FASD. Justin first attended the Halton REACH For It event on November 8th 2014- Build Me Up Lego Day, which provided him the opportunity to build relationships with police officers in his […]

Article Summary: Recent advances in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder for mental health professionals  

Background Various techniques are improving our understanding of FASD. Knowing that individuals with FASD often have comorbid mental health issues, Mental Health Professionals (MHP) are urged to understand the unique aspects of this disorder, in order to reduce stigma and properly treat individuals with FASD. Knowledge of FASD among Mental Health Professionals Due to the […]