Article Summary: Interventions, Cultural Considerations, and Access Information

Interventions in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: An International Perspective Journal: European Journal of Medical Genetics                                                               Authors: Christie Petrenko and Michelle Alto       […]

CanFASD Media Release: Safest not to drink during pregnancy, best recommendation

CanFASD cautions that although conversation about stigmatization is important, there is still no established safe level of alcohol to consume during pregnancy Download the PDF here: MEDIA RELEASE – Safest not to drink during pregnancy, best recommendation

Update: FASD and the Justice System

Dr. Michelle Stewart, Strategic Research Lead for Justice Interventions with CanFASD, has had a busy start to the year! As an applied researcher, Dr. Stewart is actively engaged in local FASD initiatives focused on bringing about better justice outcomes for individuals with FASD. As a part of this work, and alongside the Canada Northwest FASD […]

Article Summary: Fathers’ Role in Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies

We received a reader question about the effect of fathers’ alcohol use on child outcomes. Luckily, there was a review article published in 2016 on this very topic (included in our Top 20 FASD Articles of 2016). The CanFASD Prevention Network Action Team blog Girls, Women, Alcohol, and Pregnancy also highlighted the article in their post Alcohol […]