Article Summary: Stereotyping and stigmatizing disability: A content analysis of Canadian print new media about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Newspaper and other forms of media can have a significant influence on public perception, including society’s attitude towards people with disabilities, including FASD. This group is often discriminated against, and stigmatized, because of the way the media stereotypes and criticizes those with FASD, and mothers who drink while they’re pregnant. The authors of this article […]

Article Summary: Midwives’ knowledge, attitudes and practice about alcohol exposure and the risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Background Pregnant women agree that health care professionals have great influence in providing advice for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Midwives play a significant role in advising pregnant women on the dangers of alcohol consumption during pregnancy and therefore must be knowledgeable and confident in order to appropriately deliver the abstinence message. This article aims […]